sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2005


You tear down all of my shields
You lift that most inner veil
You get to the core
And once there
You paint it with so many colours
Colours i've never seen
Oh please, don't ever leave it
Stay in there
Keep on loving it
Embrace it forever...

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Firefly disse...
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Anónimo disse...

Embrace it forever...

in my platforms I hit the floor
fell face down didn't help my brain out
then the baby came before I found the magic how to keep her happy
I never was the fantasy of what you want wanted me to be

By, Tori Amos

Anónimo disse...

I clould be a star,
I could be the light,
I could be your eyes,
I could be the love,
I could be the dark
Inside your heart.

Marco disse...

Qunado é que colocas uma coisa nova?