quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2005


The animal in me screams in despair. He creeps up my soul. I can feel his claws deep in my flesh. His jaws close in around my throat...i can hardly breath. Suddenly i wake up in the deep, deep blue. I struggle for breath and i realize in astonishment that i can breathe. The water is so cold, but it feels refreshing. It feels like i've just been born again. I try to move my limbs, which i don't recognize anymore. I've lost consistence but i feel free. Some invisible force brings me back to the surface. In the distance i can perceive what seems to be a beach, a vast, dark sanded beach. I think of it, and just by doing so it gets closer and closer. I crawl ashore. My body feels solid again, but the Sun burns my skin as if i was set on fire. Nevetheless i don't feel any pain, i just know it burns. I look at the blue sky, and at the same time i feel the skin on my back tear apart. Once again there's no pain, only the awareness that it is happening. I can't see them, but i know they're there now. A pair of brown feathered wings, exactly like those of an eagle. Then, as the thought of flying crosses my mind, my feet, or whatever they are now, raise above the sand. And i'm flying. As i look down i only see the blue sky, the same one that was above me before, only that now it's all around. I have no notion of time, in fact, i don't really think time is there anymore. Finally i find myself flying over a forest, a forest that fills my sight. I lose the feeling of having wings, and i start falling endlessly. During the free fall i go unconscient. I wake up among the trees. It is dark, but i can see every detail. A million different sounds come to my ears, and i really mean a million. My senses are so alive that i can count each and every one of them. Here and there a beam of moonlight breaks through, like thin silver waterfalls pouring into the ground of the forest. I try to reach one of them with what was once my hand. As i grasp it my body starts to dissipate as it was being absorbed by the moonlight beam.
I wake up in my room, and i realize i've never felt so chained before. Yet i feel amazingly human now.

3 comentários:

Xana disse...

Fantástico Ivan!

Anónimo disse...

Chained?? erm...
whatever lol
so pa saberes k consiui imaginar-te a romperes a coluna vertebral, ás tuas costelas aumentarem de tamanho, romperem a carne, a crescerem em forma de asas.... sem kerer mencionar as gotas de acido sulfurico na floresta....
mas pelo menos foi tudo de uma forma muito artistica. obviamente k morreste no fim... se bem k a parte das costelas a romperem pelo teu peito, e a rasgarem a carne ate ficarem nas costas vale bem a pena... call me sadistic...

Anónimo disse...

estranha forma de declarar, estranha forma de raciocinar, estranha forma de amar,
estranha forma de ser,
num romper que faz doer.

num mundo,
estranho num amor intenso e profundo.