segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010


Is there in me a desire for a life of toil at sea, or rather for the comfort of a safe shore? I might become weary and overwhelmed by the endlessness of the great blue. Nevertheless safe shores are nothing but temporary, as we sit there gazing at the horizon, our hearts longing for the salty vastness. There shall always be gales that try our will, leading us astray; and isn’t it all about getting back on the right route after overcoming the storm and sail under soothed skies? For in the end of all things, only the watery god shall endure. And so shall true love.

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GotchyaYinYang disse...

:) adorei Adomnán. Lindo.

Iúri disse...

For we were born under the sign of the sea and the sea god marked us with the "nostos". How can we run from that, why should we run from it?